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How to Increase Website and Blog visit?

The increase in visits is based on a variety of methods. Some black hat techniques, some of which are known for long-term white hat methods. These methods have changed since the creation of sites and blogs. Every year, based on various factors such as user reuse, user interest, and social change, these changes were great and small.

One of the most popular ways to increase visitor traffic, which is well-known among webmasters and Raych, is to link exchanges.

But in this and our next two articles, we will teach you to explore new ways to increase your visit. Methods you can increase by 10% to 20% increase, but the methods provided need to be checked and have a lot of patience. And it’s time to see changes between a week and a month, but by doing this, you’ve optimized your site and kept your visitors satisfied.

The articles of the increase will include 3 sections that will be presented in the following chapters:

1 Your site: Provides ways to increase visits to your site or blog. These methods are usually very simple and can easily be done.

2 Other Sites: A way to increase site visits through other sites. These methods are tough and their prerequisites are to observe all of the first articles.

3 Social Networks: The importance of social networks has been our constant and constant discussion of SEO. In this series of articles, we will present ways to increase visibility through social networks.

Part One: Your Site or Blog

1 Creative Content: Since the start of the launch of the new Google update, the Google Panda (Google Panda) has been a topic among all the people who have shared the same content, both the content of the website and the blog.

Try to always be the content creator. The sweet copy of the lost passport is now winning someone who is always thinking of creating an innovative content, not one who is thinking of finding new sites to copy content.

When the user logs in to your site, he will look at your latest posts very quickly. 3 The first line of all your entries is the most important part in attracting visitors.

The first three lines are intended to represent your content. These lines can be as harmful as they are useful to you. Let’s start your story with a short but interesting explanation. Do not overdo it and do not forget to increase the hits without holding it. Old visitors are not possible.

important points :

  • The content of your posts should be non-misspellings
  • The content of the posts should be expressive and complete, and any subject that begins to move to the extent possible for possible responses from users.
  • Posting time is very important. HubSpot’s site management, by reviewing more than 20,000 blogs and websites registered in their system, has stated that the best time of posting in the morning is between 9 and 11, during this time period you can attract the most visitors to your site. do. For more information, see the following article:

2 Professional design: Professional and principle design is one of the most important ways to attract visitors. It is clear that the user’s login to the site is not enough and we need to create an environment where the user will stay on our site and then back to our site. Ideal for any visitor manager is to add visitors to their favorites list. One way to achieve this goal is to have a professional design.

When the user enters a site, the first thing that catches his eye is to the right of the page (this is different from English-language sites or sites that write from left to right), then they look at their Mouse, which The speed on your site can move and whether the effects on your site slow down. For the purpose of this issue, you should log into your account at Google Analytics and check the On Page Optimization section which sections have the most clicks.

3 Being a Being: One of the principles of psychology says that if you want to be accepted by the community, you must try to be people and treat them according to their own interests. This principle is strictly adhered to in the virtual world. If you want your site to increase, try out what People like to speak. Remember to always be among people and be for the people.

4 Do not worry about how much visitors you are concerned about how much your visitors stay on your site: The number of visitors to your site on one day does not indicate that you were successful or not, but the number of passers who visit the site. You are returning to show that you are successful or not. Most important is the number of users who return to your site, because for each site, those groups of visitors who are known as Returning Visitors are important.

The newsletter is one of the principles for attracting visitors to the newsletter. By creating newsletters and getting information from people and sending the latest news to people’s emails, you convert them to your constant visitor. If you follow the principles of a Targeted email marketing, your conversion rate You will be upgraded and will be able to attract the visitor. We suggest that you visit the website of the website for more information.

Use Blog : Like Bloggers, the name of the blog always creates a different sense in users because the definition of the blog is different from the site and everything is in short but full blog. The blog is different from search engines and users. This section is further studied.

Identify your homework with the goal of your site: it’s much to be seen. Sites that start up without purpose If you have these sites in the site, it’s never too late Try to identify your goal as soon as possible. After selecting your goal, you must Identify your important words and start writing articles based on those words. Always remember that users know your site based on your important words. Each site in the mind of each user is summarized in a few short words if you can get these words Put yourself in the minds of the user. You have reached a great goal. It’s hard to get the mind and the type of thinking Change a person, but if you can create a different mindset in the first encounters, you create a constant visitor.

8 Add graphics and table content: using images and statistics is very useful. The first and most important benefit of this is that the images and credentials validate your content. There can be many such as your content, but if you use the images Show your visitors that you are different. You can also get input from your images. Bing Images and Google Images are the most important search resources available to users of the Internet to gain access to these two great sources. It is important because it will only attract visitor sites that are optimal Make sure the images look accurate. If you have a site you just want to put the image, do not forget to use Flickr.

From the perspective of other visitors, they are not keen to read long and uninteresting content and they want to see the whole story as a picture to better understand.

9 Be careful: statistics and realization of the topic are very important in SEO. A proper and accurate understanding of the topic can be very useful to you since each positive section in the story and the results are referenced for a rational reason and you can check it and try it. To enhance that positive part, make your site progress. Look at the picture below:

The first thing to note in the above image is to use the Google Analytics analyzer.

The second and most important point is the parts that are separated by flash and referred to them. If you look at the number of new entries from these sites above 80%, it shows you that these sites can give you The title of a referrer is good to try to get more input from these sites. There are also various methods, the simplest of which are text ads or banners. You can also link to these sites.

Be careful, you will not succeed if you do not care about it.

10 Referrals: The web is not built to allow text and images to be created to link to. Users will read more than anything else when they read your posts, they will most likely agree to refer to valid sources.

It does not matter if your referral is to an internal post or external to the visitor is to be passed to you by other sections. You should try to follow the visitor to your topic. The best thing is the referrals that the visitor Mostly, the visitor wants to re-visit your site or go to other sites.

We hope that the first part of this series of articles will be useful to you.

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